‘Clueless’ Amber Rudd Told To Resign After Misleading Home Affairs Committee

The beleaguered Home Secretary Amber Rudd was called back to parliament to answer an urgent question today after it was revealed that the home office did keep deportation targets, a charge she specifically denied at the Home Affairs committee yesterday.

On Wednesday, Amber Rudd said the following to the Home Affairs Committee:

"We don't have targets for removals. If you are asking me if there are numbers of people we expect to be removed, that's not how we operate.”

But very quickly that story started to unravel. It was revealed that in fact there were yearly targets, and that these had actually doubled year-on-year, from 7,200 in 2015 to 12,000 in 2017.

Led by Diane Abbott, MP after MP took the Home Secretary to task. Rudd had little left but buzzwords - she failed to answer a single question posed by David Lammy. She had the backing of supposedly ‘moderate’ Tories in the form of Nicholas Soames, but even their defence was half hearted.

Abbott made it clear to the Home Secretary that being clueless about your own department is no defence, and called on her to resign. Diane Johnson asked Rudd if she had ‘been asleep’ when she should have been running her department. The Chair of the Home Affairs Committee Yvette Cooper added that “deeply disappointing that the home secretary did not know the facts.”

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