'Constitutional outrage': Thousands expected to take to streets in protest over Commons shutdown

Thousands are set to take to the streets across the UK on Wednesday evening after Boris Johnson said he would proroge parliament

Approved by the Queen this afternoon, the plan will see the Commons shutdown for five weeks between 9 September and 14 October.

It has been strongly criticised by Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition leaders as a "constitutional outrage", and several backbench Tory MPs have also attacked the plan. 

The longest ever suspension since 1945, the move significantly shortens the time MPs will have to debate Brexit and stop a no deal Brexit.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the suspension was a "dark day" for democracy. 

Protests against the plan have been announced this evening, with thousands expected to turn out to demonstrations in London and other cities including Edinburgh, Cardiff and Manchester.. 

In a video urging people to attend, Guardian journalist Owen Jones said: "Our ancestors literally fought and died for our democracy. Now it's up to us to defend it. Take to the streets outside Parliament, College Green, tonight, 5.30pm."

Several of Johnson's cabinet have also come under pressure after previous comments they made on the prospect of prorogation were resurfaced. 

Health secretary Matt Hancock said in June that such an action would end the Tories as a party of government. 


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