Glasgow Council Workers give strike notice over Equal Pay

More than 8,000 council workers are to take strike action later this month over the failure of Glasgow City Council to settle outstanding settlements for historic pay inequalities in the city.


Both GMB and Unison submitted a statutory notice for industrial action yesterday, confirming the unions will take forty-eight hours of strike action on Tuesday the 23rd and Wednesday the 24th of October.

The strike action will affect home care, schools and nurseries, education and cleaning and catering services across the city.

GMB Scotland Organiser Rhea Wolfson said that union members were taking the strike action due to "decades of unresolved sex discrimination" and that "they can see the same roadblocks to justice being put in place by council officials yet again."

"Our members have demonstrated, they have marched and they will bring this City to a standstill in their fight to get their employer to progress negotiations over the settlement of their equal pay claims." she said.

"They have been robbed of hundreds of millions, if not billions of pounds – no one should be surprised that we are on the brink of strike action.”

Mary Dawson, UNISON's Glasgow Chair, added: “Our members are now standing up and fighting back. Low paid workers, mostly women who have had enough."

"We have given the council ten months to make progress on addressing the historical discrimination suffered by these workers."

"However, the council has agreed nothing, offered nothing and all we have had are meetings about meetings and talks about talks. It’s time for some action.”

SNP Councillor, Mhairi Hunter, hit out at the decision, claiming the council planned to settle the cases by December.

"We all recognise people's frustration at having to wait ten years for a settlement but it makes no sense to go on strike 3 months before the deadline for settlement" she tweeted.

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