Aberdeen Bus Drivers Reject Offer By 2-to-1

A proposed settlement to end the Aberdeen Bus Strike was rejected by Unite members yesterday by nearly three to two on an 80% turnout. Indefinite strike will be resumed tomorrow.


Sources say that the hardening in attitudes among members is directly down to First’s unwillingness to move on pay for new drivers, in addition to the proposed cuts in sick pay, holiday pay, and overtime. Thousands of pounds are at stake for the drivers, and they are unwilling to give it up without a fight.

Attempts to break the strike by recruiting temporary drivers from England has clearly failed. First needs to renegotiate with the union in good faith, and stop using divide-and-rule tactics.

Unite’s regional officer Willie Wallace said:

“The union members have spoken. And they have said loud and clear that they are not prepared to accept the current proposals from First. The company has to recognise that and get back round the negotiating table and make an improved offer. We are ready to negotiate. The indefinite strike starts  Wednesday.”

“Unite has been prepared to negotiate and make concessions. It’s not us who are unreasonable. It’s the intransigence of First Bus management which is, in effect, holding the people and businesses of Aberdeen to ransom.”



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