Aberdeen Bus Drivers: 'This Strike Will Not Be Broken'

The First Bus dispute in Aberdeen has taken a nasty turn as it was revealed that the company has enlisted the help of sixty drivers from England in order to break the strike.


As The Robin reported on previously, First Bus drivers in Aberdeen have taken strike action over proposed cuts to sick pay, paid breaks, holiday pay, and overtime. A week long strike has gone ahead after talks on Friday fell through, after the company refused to move on its proposals.

But despite 95% support for industrial action, and a well stocked strike fund, First Aberdeen has attempted to break the strike by bringing in drivers from England, who are being provided with hotel accommodation while in Aberdeen. This was not unexpected, and the union had worked hard to ensure that no drivers from Scotland would fill in, forcing the company to look further afield.

Commenting on the move, Unite’s Dougie Maguire said:

“It is a measure of the desperation now of the First Bus management that they are prepared to offer big pay-outs to other drivers to break the strike.”

“But our members are resolute – this strike will not be broken. This is not just another wages dispute. It’s about dignity and decency and the rights of a trade union to say ‘No’ to bullying bosses.”

North East Labour MSP Lewis McDonald will be joining the drivers on the picket line, stating:

“Drivers feel they have been left with no alternative but to strike because management of First Aberdeen have failed to engage with them in any meaningful way.

“The onus lies clearly with the management to get back round the table and avoid any further disruption stemming from the strike.”

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