Aberdeen Bus Strike Halted As Members Balloted On Settlement

The First Bus strike in Aberdeen has been temporarily halted to allow members to vote on a new proposal after intense negotiations.

Following two days of negotiations between Unite Scotland and First Aberdeen using the services of the arbitration agency Acas, the union believes it has delivered a deal worth at least considering. 95% of the workers voted for industrial action following proposed cuts to sick pay, holiday pay, wage cuts, and paid breaks.

A previous round of talks on March 27th fell through after the company tried to play new and established workers off against each other, all the while recruiting agency drivers from England to try and break the strike. Instead they’ve been forced to the negotiating table once again.

The ballot will take place on Friday the 6th and Monday the 9th of April.

Willie Wallace, Unite regional officer said: “From the union’s point of view there has been a significant enough shift in the company’s position to justify putting the new offer to the First Bus drivers. Of course it will be for the members to decide whether they think the new offer has been sufficiently improved to justify accepting it.”

But if the members don’t think the company has acceded to enough of their demands, the union has no hesitation in backing further action

Wallace continued:

“It has been agreed through the necessary channels that should the members reject the new offer then indefinite strike action to fight for an improved deal will start on Wednesday 11th April. If the members say ‘NO’ we’ll be back on the picket line next Wednesday.”

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