Alasdair Clark: Chuka and friends have been found out, they will surely fade to irrelevance

Writing for The Red Robin, journalist Alasdair Clark argues those once seen as the professional political operator have had their ineptitude brutally exposed. 

Chuka Umunna and his fellow travellers have long insisted only they knew how to do politics properly, they've had a chance to prove that and have now been found out.

As their European election campaign collapses around them, with a third candidate embroiled in a race row, it is clear that Change UK will never present a credible political force. 

Even in Scotland, once the melting pot of New Labour, Change UK struggled to muster a set of credible candidates. 

Their venture will be looking like a very bad investment indeed to the former property tycoon and other big money donors who have funded them to the tune of millions.

Indeed if this is the challenge Jeremy Corbyn was told to fear, the Labour leader could be excused for sitting comfortably. 

The most ardent supporters of the Blair years have often defended the "professionalisation" he brought to the modern day Labour party, often implying that the left were unable to manage an effective political operation.

This argument was repeated writ large in 2015 after Jeremy Corbyn's first election, and was a central plank of the leadership challenge by Owen Smith which Corbyn comfortably saw off in 2016.

Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie and friends were the operators, they were part of the group who knew how to play the political trade because of the well trodden path they took into Westminster beginning as Labour students.

At the original launch of The Independent Group in February, political watchers were quick to notice  they were joined by figures such as Rob Newman, or "Blairite Bob" as he is also known, a stranger outside of the Westminster bubble but a key backroom player for the Labour right. 

We were promised a new politics, a politics of sharp, polished edges spoken in easy news lines. 

The political bubble couldn't get enough, this was the party of the political panel show; the party of the comfortable middle. 

What a disappointment the reality must be. 

Their complete ineptitude appears to know no bounds, and their hubris has left them red faced after only the surface of their glossy sales pitch was scratched. 

They represent a dying breed of politics which is completely unfit for purpose and for office, and will surely fade into irrelevance when voters kick them out of Westminster. 

Image: The Financial Times/Flickr

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