Anti-Fascist groups to protest Steve Bannon speech in Edinburgh

Stand Up To Racism Scotland is due to hold a protest outside the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) where controversial "national populist" figure, Steve Bannon, is due to speak.


Mr. Bannon is due to speak at the News Xchange 2018 event, hosted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

In a statement, the group said: “Stand up to Racism condemns the invitation of the European Broadcasting Union’s News Xchange committee to alt-right guru Steve Bannon to speak on 14 November at its event in Edinburgh."

“Organisers describe Bannon as a “political strategist”. He is attempting to build an islamophobic international of far-right groups and is looking to fascist Tommy Robinson here in Britain as a key figure for his movement."

“Bannon was the white supremacists’ link to Donald Trump’s White House until August 2017. He is due to speak from 11.25-11.45am on 14 November at Edinburgh International Conference Centre.”

Steve Bannon is the former chief strategist to US President Donald Trump, and former proprietor of Brietbart News, a leading far-right website.

Since being fired from the Trump White House, Bannon has toured Europe in an attempt to build a pan-European far-right political alliance known as "The Movement", including figures from the French National Front and Italian Lega Nord.

After it emerged that Bannon had been invited to address the event, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon cancelled her address, but organisers have defended their decision to book the controversial figure.

“News Xchange is an industry conference aimed at journalists and the media,” they tweeted.

“One of its aims is to explore the political and social movements that help shape the modern world and Steve Bannon has undoubtedly played a role in recent years.”

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