Anti-fascists plan to counter Glasgow SDL demonstration

Anti-Fascist groups have vowed to oppose a planned march by the Scottish Defense League in support of the former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, after he was imprisoned after admitting to charges of contempt of court.

The Glasgow branch of Unite Against Fascism are calling upon anti-fascists to join them for counter-demonstration in George Square on Saturday July 21.

An event page reads: "The scale of the far right’s turnout and the vile, violent racism informing it must be seen by everyone on the Left as an urgent wake-up call.

Join Unite Against Fascism in opposing the SDL in Glasgow to ensure their hate continues to be marginalised."

A recent march by the SDL's sister organisation in London left five policemen injured, while Tommy Robinson supporters attacked a group of trade unionists at the Westminster arms, leaving the RMT's assistant general secretary, Steve Hedley ,covered in blood.

In a video posted on social media, Hedley said: “We got attacked by a load of thugs, completely unprovoked.

“We defended ourselves obviously and there were a lot of casualties on both sides. But it was a completely unprovoked attack – we were just sitting there having a drink.

“If you oppose Tommy you get attacked by a glass and a chair”.

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