Arlene Forster set to lead Scottish Orange March

Northern Irish politician, and former First Minister, Arlene Foster, is set to lead and give a speech in Fife during a Scottish Orange Order march next month.

Foster, who recently forced a flailing Theresa May to withhold support for extending abortion rights to Northern Ireland, is clearly flexing her political muscles. Her party - kept in government by power sharing arrangements - is at odds with most Northern Irish voters on the issue, even DUP voters.

May has been widely criticised for selling her ‘feminist principles’ down the river. The DUP made it eminently clear that any move to equalise abortion law after the Republic overturned its eighth amendment would mean the end of the party’s crucial support for the government.

Scottish anti-racist and socialist organisations are already planning counter-demonstrations, both against the Orange March in general, and against Foster specifically.

Robert McLean, executive officer at The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said: “Arlene Foster is the guest speaker and will be at the front of the parade. She will be the main speaker on the platform.”

It is understood she will be taking part in the Boyne demonstration in Cowdenbeath, Fife on the 30th of June.

A DUP spokesperson said: “We can confirm that DUP leader Arlene Foster has been invited to attend an event by Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland. This event is due to have representatives of the Orange Order from Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

The Scottish Government was reportedly blindsided by the appearance, with a spokesperson telling the papers: “We have no knowledge of this visit and are really struggling to believe that Arlene Foster believes that this is a sensible idea.”

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