Arrogant' PM threatens peace in Northern Ireland - Labour

In his speech to Tory party members, Boris Johnson said the EU should be in "no doubt" that the only alternative to his Brexit proposals is no-deal.

The Prime Minister is expected to give full details of his new proposals to the EU later today.

However Labour have already branded those details he has revealed as "unworkable", with shadow Scottish secretary Lesley Laird saying Boris Johnson threatens peace in Northern Ireland. 

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said: "The Brexit proposals reportedly being considered by Boris Johnson are neither credible nor workable. They are a cynical attempt to force through a No Deal Brexit.

“Any responsible Prime Minister would have spent the past three months trying to build a consensus in Parliament and across the EU in order to break the deadlock. However, Boris Johnson has neither the intention nor ability to negotiate a deal or protect jobs and communities across the United Kingdom.

“This crisis the Tories have plunged our country into can only be settled by letting the people decide. We need a general election, followed by a public vote, as soon as the threat of No Deal is off the table.”

Also responding after Johnson spoke, Lesley Laird branded the PM "arrogant":

"Time and time again, Boris Johnson has chosen to showcase his breathtaking arrogance when it comes to Brexit and the rule of law.

“Today’s bravado for the Tory faithful will do nothing to address the very real concerns of the public and businesses across the country that we are hurtling towards a no deal Brexit, and it will do nothing to address the growing distrust that people have that he is willing to break the law to get his way.

“From what we have been told, and despite his bluster, the Prime Minister’s new proposal offered to the European Union threatens to derail the peace process in Northern Ireland with the creation of new customs checkpoints, and the future approval needed by the Northern Ireland Assembly means nothing when that Assembly hasn’t been sitting for well over two years.

Laird said that with the Tories "hell bent" on a no-deal Brexit and the Lib Dems planning to ignore the referendum regardless, only Labour were standing up for democracy and willing to give the public the final say. 

Image: Andrew Parsons 

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