Audience laugh at Boris over honesty question in leaders debate

The audience for the ITV leaders debate laughed at Boris Johnson as he answered a question about the need for honesty in politics.

Johnson has been sacked twice in his life for lying, once as a journalist caught falsifying quotes and again later when he was removed from the Tory shadow cabinet for lying about an affair he had.

Elsewhere, Jeremy Corbyn landed strong lines on the NHS and its future in a US-UK trade deal negotiated by Boris Johnson

Viewers were unified in judging the most bizarre moment of the night after host Julie Etchingham suddenly asked the two leaders to shake hands half-way through the debate.

The Conservative Party press account on Twitter was also strongly criticised after it re-branded as “fact-checkUK”; a name which many said could confuse voters into believing it was a non-partisan fact checking site.

Image: EU2017EE

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