BBC blasted for #LocalElections2019 coverage

The BBC has faced criticism for its coverage of the results from local elections in England which have seen stunning losses for the Tories.

Theresa May has lost more than 1300 councillors in the elections, whilst under 100 have been lost by Labour. Despite the figures, the BBC have spun the election as a draw between Labour and the Conservatives. 

Characterising it as a "stunning rebuke" to the two main parties, the Beeb's coverage has sought to characterise the results as an equal for both parties. 

In one report, misleading subheadings may have left readers wondering if the BBC had the figures confused.

Introducing the Conservatives performance, the BBC opted to badge its analysis as: "Where the Conservatives won and lost".

Analysis of Labours performance meanwhile was badged as: "Labour lose dozens of seats". 

Many Tories had hoped losses would be limited with the bulk of elections taking place in Tory heartland whilst voters in London, who usually back Labour, did not vote yesterday. 

The worse than expected results have led to increased calls from inside the party for Theresa May to resign, with a party member in Wales heckling the Prime Minister as she spoke.

Image: Elliot Brown/Flickr

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