Boris and Gove face calls for investigation over their roles at Vote Leave

The pro-Brexit campaign has been fined £61,000 after clear evidence showing it breached British electoral law was released by the electoral commission.

The watchdog found that Vote Leave had exceeded its legal spending limit of £7m by almost £500,000.

Labour MP, Christian Matheson, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, said the fines showed that Vote Leave's referendum victory was “based on cheating and law-breaking”.

He said that Vote Leave “showed a contempt for the law set by this house, which makes a mockery of claims to take back control and displays a breathtaking arrogance of people who clearly believed that the law of the land did not apply to them,”.

The decision is bad news for Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, who both now face charges that they may have breached the ministerial code while heading the Leave campaign.

Matheson continued “If the leaders of the Vote Leave campaign cannot be trusted to abide by the rules of the referendum, how can we trust them to abide by the rules of any future election, or indeed how can we trust them to conduct their ministerial duties with honour, integrity and honesty?”

The government has refused to comment on the fines, with Chloe Smith telling the house that “The point is this: we need to be able to say to the public that are watching this debate, that we are getting on with delivering the result of the referendum in which they voted.”

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