BREAKING: Amber Rudd Resigns

Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary, Downing Street have confirmed.

The hapless former Home Secretary had bounced from one disaster to the next after her cruel Windrush deportation targets were revealed, then covered up, then admitted to, then denied once again. On the way she managed to imply that the government was u-turning on the Customs Union, before u-turning on her own statement.

Over 200 MPs had signed a letter saying she was making up immigration policy “on the hoof”, and shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott had called on her to resign last week following an Urgent Question on deportation targets. Sadiq Khan also called for her resignation today.

But it's important to remember that it was Theresa May that designed the 'hostile environment.' Critics will be asking why the Prime Minister has failed to take any responsibility. 

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