Breaking: Frank Field Resigns Labour whip

In a statement he said he had “reluctantly” decided to hand in his resignation letter to the party's whips.

He has said he will seek to retain his membership, and sit as an independent Labour MP in the house, although it is unlikely he would be able to remain in the party.

His resignation statement blamed “ the culture of nastiness, bullying, and intimidation that it has allowed to grow unchecked" within the party, and called for the party to "expel local members whose public conduct is simply disgraceful."

“The party needs to send out a clear signal against nastiness, bullying, and intimidation at every level by taking effective action.” he said.

He also claimed that he was standing down due to "the party's toleration of anti-Semitism" and said Labour must "regain its position as being the leading force against racism in this country".

A strongly pro-Brexit MP, Fields had been facing a deslection challange in his Constituency Labour Party, with members passing a motion of no confidence in the Birkenhead MP.

“For whatever reason, Mr Field is refusing to assist his parliamentary colleagues in removing one of the cruellest and most savage Tory administrations this country has produced, including the Thatcher government,” said the Bidston and St James' branch secretary, Brian Parsons at the time.

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