Britain, France, and Germany stay put as Trump wrecks Iran Deal

The British, French, and German government have rebuffed Donald Trump’s attempted wrecking of the Iran Deal, a key diplomatic achievement of the Obama administration.

The deal limited Iran’s ability to develop nuclear capabilities in return for a lifting of sanctions. Trump repeatedly slammed the deal on the campaign trail, but it seems unlikely that he actually understood it. The other parties to the deal - Germany, Britain, France, China, and Russia - have all confirmed their support for the deal’s continued existence. Nevertheless, the move will undermine the agreement considerably.

American administrations have attempted to repeatedly undermine the Iranian theocracy ever since it replaced the American-friendly dictatorship in 1979. Obama’s work on the Iran deal was one of the first steps towards a thawing of relations and an easing of tensions - though its fate was assured once Trump hired famed war hawk John Bolton as his national security advisor.

Bolton has long pressed for outright war with Iran, and spent the Obama years on the right wing talk circuit raging against the deal. He was also the chairman of the far-right anti-muslim think tank ‘The Gatestone Institute’, which came to prominence when its founder was accused of funding advertising for the neo-fascist party ‘Alternative for Germany’ in last year’s German elections.

The shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry did not mince her words:

“The whole world should stand united in condemning this reckless, senseless and immoral act of diplomatic sabotage by Donald Trump; one which immediately risks plunging the Middle East into deeper destruction, chaos and conflict.

“As every independent inspection has confirmed, the nuclear deal is working; Iran is complying in full; and it is simply false that Iran is continuing its nuclear programme.

“On the back of the success of this deal, we also have a platform to make real progress with Iran on other issues, including its ballistic missile programme, its regional activities, and its record on human rights.

“If the nuclear deal is torn up, we not only destroy that platform for future progress, we risk triggering a rapid nuclear arms race in the Middle East, we risk the hardline theocrats seizing all the reins of power in Tehran, and we risk the descent into an unimaginable conflict with Iran, a country nine times the size of Syria, with a population as big as Germany’s.”


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