Bumbling Boris sets back Scottish Tory detox campaign as party goes rogue

Ruth Davidson's mission to detoxify the Tory brand in Scotland has been left in tatters as old Boris Johnson etchings come back to haunt and new polls showed party members would sacrifice Scotland to push through Brexit.

The Scottish Tory leader has issued a clarion call to members in England after her mission to rebuild the party in Scotland was put into reverse.

In a 2005 article re-surfaced by the Scotsman, Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson wrote that no Scottish person should be allowed to serve as Prime Minister.

Writing in the right-wing Spectator magazine, Boris Johnson branded the possibility of Gordon Brown replacing Tony Blair as "utterly outrageous".

In a missive unlikely to sit well with Scots, Johnson said the country was full of "rotten boroughs". 

Writing about the possibility of Gordon Brown replacing Tony Blair, Boris said that it was "not just because he is a gloomadon-popping, interfering, high-taxing complicator of life, but mainly because he is a Scot, and government by a Scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context.”

Ruth Davidson's woes were not finished there, the Scottish Tory leader has also been forced to issue a rare rebuke to members in the rest of the UK after a poll showed they would support Scottish Independence in order to deliver Brexit. 

Given Davidson's platform is based entirely on her opposition to independence, the party north of the border will be nervous that their credibility on the union could be destroyed by a runaway Tory party. 

Shadow Scotland secretary Lesley Laird said Davidson's party was the "biggest threat to the Union". 

"Their members and their MPs would happily trade tearing our country apart in return for a chaotic no deal Brexit.

"Nationalism in all its forms is preventing us from dealing with the issues that we face as a country. The UK is not working for far too many people. That is why we need to invest in our people, our communities and our public services across the UK.

“Only Labour is committed to standing up for Scotland’s place in the UK and against a no deal Brexit," she said. 

With Johnson odds-on favourite to be installed in Number 10 by Tory members, Ruth Davidson will be working hard to minimise the damage he could do to her hard fought campaign to detoxify the Tory brand in Scotland. 

Image: Andrew Parsons 



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