Calls For Rudd to Resign, As Tories Rush To Blame Civil Servants For Windrush Scandal

Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Secretary for Digital and Culture Matt Hancock have both come under fire today as the Windrush scandal envelops the whole of the Tory Party.

Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott has said that Rudd should “consider her position” in light of the destruction of Windrush landing cards - for many the only form of government documentation before naturalisation certificates were introduced in the early 1970s. Though of course, the Home Secretary responsible at the time was Theresa May, who set out to create what she called “a hostile environment”.

On Radio 4 Today, Dianne Abbott said:

"She's the Home Secretary. It's her department. And there was a time when if something went wrong in your department, you as the minister took responsibility.

“The way Amber Rudd is attempting to avoid responsibility is very concerning. I think she needs to consider her position."

Meanwhile, Matt Hancock has been branded a disgrace after he embarrassed himself on Television trying to shift the blame on to the UK Borders Agency.

The scandal has also spilled over into the Brexit negotiations, with Brexit Co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt pointing out the implications this has for the Government’s handling of EU citizen cases.

Verhofstadt said:

"After the Windrush scandal in Britain we want to be sure the same is not happening to our European citizens, and that there is no bureaucratic nightmare.

"If there are changes needed we will also communicate to the negotiators, to David Davis, to Michel Barnier, what modifications are needed to avoid real problems for EU citizens."



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