Calls for Sturgeon to apologise over £30bn 'Oil Lie'

The SNP's projected revenue from oil in the 2013 White Paper on independence was out by nearly £30bn, almost equivalent for the entire Scottish budget for a year.

During the Yes campaign, the SNP had predicted that oil revenues would have reached £32bn by 2019, but according to the Office of Budget Responsibility, the real figure is projected to be around £2.1bn.

The SNP have now dropped oil revenues for their case for independence, with Andrew Wilson, author of the SNP's Growth Commission report announcing that "we'll assume for the purposes of our projections that oil is producing zero revenues" in future, but did admit that oil revenues were "baked into the numbers and it was indeed a basis" of the SNP's economic argument for independence back in 2013.

Labour said the figures revealed the extent to which the SNP misled the people of Scotland over the economics of independence.

Scottish Labour’s economy spokesperson Jackie Baillie, commented that Sturgeon had to apologise for "misleading voters on an industrial scale".

“The SNP told voters that Scotland was on the cusp of a second oil boom, and that oil was simply a bonus when it came to the costs of independence. That was simply a lie."

“Instead, the figures that Nicola Sturgeon campaigned on have a £30billion black hole in them."

“That would have led to turbo-charged austerity on an unprecedented scale, with huge cuts to schools, hospitals and social welfare programmes." she said.

“Rather than attempt to divide the people of Scotland again with a referendum the country does not want, it is time the SNP focused on jobs, schools of hospitals.”

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