Confirmation SNP sought deal with Tories in North Ayrshire

The Scottish Nationalist Party have been implicated in a shady backroom deal with the Scottish Tories, in an apparent attempt to remove the current Labour minority administration.

The Conservative Group on North Ayrshire Council publicly confirmed that the SNP Group sought talks over the administration of the Council.

Tory Group leader, Tom Marshall, told reporters “Our group was approached with a request from the SNP leader to seek some understanding with the Conservatives to enable the SNP to run the Council.”

"The Conservatives refused since we could not endorse their independence agenda."

Until now, neither side in those talks have publicly acknowledged they took place.

Labour Councillor Robert Foster slammed the talks, commenting; “For the first time we have public confirmation that the SNP and Tories held talks over the running of the Council.

“The SNP Group have spun like hell that they would never work with the Tories yet they sought, and held, secret talks to “seek some understanding” with the Tories.

“The SNP’s rank hypocrisy has now been exposed. It is now public knowledge that the SNP group in North Ayrshire were so desperate for power that they looked to replicate the SNP-Tory alliance that ran neighbouring East Ayrshire Council for a decade between 2007 and 2017."

Council Leader, Joe Cullinane, said that "our minority Labour administration have one of the biggest social house building programmes, have led the way on issues such as period poverty and support for care experienced young people and are taking bold and innovative initiatives such as our Community Investment Fund.

"The SNP, from opposition, will be free to continue backing our Labour policies after we have announced them."

"We said last year that as a minority administration we need to put forward ideas and others would have to support them or table alternatives. A year on from our election as a minority administration we have continued to deliver change. That’s what we will continue to do."



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