Corbyn blasts disgraced Liam Fox over Trump protests

The Labour Leader has blasted International Trade Secretary Liam Fox over the ministers attacks on demonstrators against President Trump.

Fox told BBC Breakfast that the hundreds of thousands who turned out to oppose Donald Trump were ‘an embarrassment to themselves.’

Liam Fox was forced to resign in disgrace in 2011 after allowing his friend Adam Werrity to accompany him on official government business and pose as an advisor in order to carry out defence lobbying, so he should be well acquainted with what it means to be an embarrassment.

Mr Corbyn told the Durham Miners Gala that it was "embarrassing for a cabinet minister to say that."

"He lives in a democracy where people have a right to free speech, a right to demonstrate and a right to express themselves."

"The idea that we should not say something for fear of embarrassing somebody. How ridiculous is that? I ask Liam Fox - grow up."

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