Corbyn condemns "broken promises Budget"

The Labour leader mocked the government's claims to be ending austerity, and dismissed extra funding for Universal Credit, saying that cuts had been "hardwired" into the system from inception.

"The prime minister pledged austerity was over - this is a broken promise budget." said Jeremy Corbyn, adding:“What we’ve heard today are half measures and quick fixes while austerity grinds on."

“And far from people’s hard work and sacrifices having paid off, as the chancellor claims, this government has frittered it away in ideological tax cuts to the richest in our society.”

Corbyn added: “The government claims austerity has worked so now they can end it."

“That is absolutely the opposite of the truth - austerity needs to end because it has failed.”

The Labour leader also rounded on the government's failure to increase public sector wages, arguing: “Every public sector worker deserves a decent pay rise, but 60% of teachers are not getting it - neither are the police nor the Government’s own civil service workers.”

The comments received support from the teachers union, NASWUT, who's General Secretary Chris Keates branded the announcements an "insult" to teachers.

“To suggest that all schools need is a nominal sum to fund the ‘little extras’ when schools have faced years of real terms cuts to their budgets and teachers are thousands of pounds worse off from years of real terms pay cuts is deeply insulting and disingenuous. " said Keates.

“By failing to address the issue of teachers’ pay, many more teachers will be lost to the profession and the education of children and young people will continue to suffer.

“‘Austerity is coming to an end’ the Chancellor claimed today. Tell that to the children, young people and the schools workforce for whom today’s Budget added insult to injury.”

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