Corbyn congratulates Mexican Presidential victor

Jeremy Corbyn has congratulated insurgent candidate López Obrador—also known by his initials as AMLO—for becoming the first person since the 1990s to win the Mexican presidency outright in the first round.
This is the third time López Obrador—a former popular Mayor of Mexico City—has run for the presidency, losing out narrowly in 2006 after an election campaign where the successful candidate was accused of orchestrating massive electoral fraud.   
Corbyn tweeted this morning that "Today brings a new beginning for México.
“Congratulations @lopezobrador. His election as President with more than 50% of the vote offers the poor and marginalised a genuine voice for the first time in Mexico's modern history.
"I'm sure #AMLO will be a president for all Mexicans.”
In his victory speech, López Obrador told his supporters that he would live up to their expectations. “I will govern with rectitude and justice. I will not fail you. I will not disappoint you. I won’t betray the people,” he said.
“We will listen to everyone. We will care for everyone. We will respect everyone,” he said. “But we will give priority to the most humble and to the forgotten.”
European left-wing figures also welcomed the result, with former Greek finance minister, Yannis Varoufakis commenting: “Amlo's victory proves that there comes a time the mafia-like establishment loses its grip and hope takes root. 
It is now up to the progressives in Mexico and beyond to seize the day and ensure that the people's verdict is honoured”.
López Obrador had stood on a platform which sought to eliminate widespread corruption in the Mexican political system and brining the unpopular war on drugs—which has seen nearly 200,000 Mexicans killed—to a close.
In a bruising campaign the formerly dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) gained its worst election result since the party’s foundation in 1929, while the traditional opposition parties faired little better. 
The decision by the right-wing National Action Party (PAN) and centre-left Party of Revolutionary Democracy (PRD) to stand together on a joint list seems alienated much of the PRD’s support base, with polls showing them moving across to López Obrador’s more radical MORENA party.
AMLO’s success has led some to believe this may signal the return of the ‘pink tide’ of social democratic governments in Central and South America, with impeached Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff commenting that López Abrader’s success was not just “a victory for Mexico, but for all of Latin America”. 

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