Corbyn to lay out 'real divide' in Scottish Labour conference address

Speaking to Scottish Labour's 2019 conference in Dundee later today, Jeremy Corbyn is expected to say the 'real divide' is between the many and the few, rather than how people voted in either the Independence or EU referendums.

The Labour leader will say the party is "obsessed" with tackling the problems people face in their every day lives such as poverty and cuts to public services.

His address to party members in Dundee will also tackle climate change, which he will describe as a "class issue".

Tackling the current focus by the Conservatives and SNP on constitutional issues, Corbyn is expected to say: “The truth about Labour is, we’re not obsessed by constitutional questions, like the others are. We’re obsessed with tackling the problems people face in their daily lives.

“Ending insecurity at work. Ending poverty wages. Ending the cuts to our public services.

“Because we believe that the real divide in our society is not between people who voted yes or no for independence. And it’s not between people who voted to remain or to leave the EU.

“The real divide is between the many – who do the work, create the wealth and pay their taxes – and the few, who set the rules, reap the rewards and dodge their taxes.

“So let me spell it out: our mission is to back the working class, in all its diversity.”

Corbyn will also address the party's response to climate change, perhaps echoing language used recently by the popular left wing American congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, whose proposed Green New Deal has achieved wide respect for its approach to tackling climate change from the left for the benefit of the working class.

On climate change, Corbyn will say: "We are facing a climate crisis. There’s no bigger threat to our future. And fundamentally, the destruction of our climate is a class issue.

"It’s working class communities that suffer the worst pollution and the worst air quality. It’s working class people who will lose their jobs as resources run dry. And it is working class people who will be left behind as the rich escape rising sea levels.

"Big corporations will never do anything serious about it. The Conservative government will never do anything serious about it either. But Labour will make it a central objective of our industrial strategy.

"We need to reduce our net emissions to zero by 2050 at the latest - it’s not just an ecological priority, it’s a socialist priority too."

Corbyn is expected to speak in Dundee from around 4:30pm on Friday.

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