Jeremy Corbyn to tackle 'corrupt system' in first major speech #GE2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will use his first major speech of the General Election campaign to tackle what he calls “a corrupt system”.

Taking aim at the "tax dodgers, bad bosses, big polluters, and billionaire-owned media holding our country back", Corbyn will say the election is a "once-in-a-generation chance" to transform the country.

He will promise that “real change is coming” because “when Labour wins, the nurse wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker wins, the engineer wins. We all win.”

Labour enjoyed an early bounce in fundraising efforts, and Momentum raised over £100,000 overnight in the first 12 hours of its own fundraiser. 

Corbyn will say that Labour puts its faith in the “spirit and commitment to community” of the British people, saying “it is your country”, not the property of “born-to-rule Conservatives” who “protect the privileged few”.  

The Labour leader will also call out representatives of “a rigged system”: such as the Duke of Westminster, Mike Ashley, Jim Ratcliffe, Crispin Odey and Rupert Murdoch.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, is expected to say:

“We put our faith in the British people’s spirit and commitment to community. It’s your country.

“That’s why we stand with you. We stand for the many. Boris Johnson’s born-to-rule Conservatives protect the privileged few. They’ve slashed taxes for the richest and vital services and support for everyone else.

“But real change is coming.

“We will end the Conservatives’ great rip-off by putting rail, mail and water into public ownership so they work for everyone, not just Tory donors and shareholders in tax havens.

“We will invest in every nation and region, rebuild our public services and give our NHS, schools and police the money they need by taxing those at the top to properly fund services for everyone.

“This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country, take on the vested interests holding people back and ensure that no community is left behind.”

The party has performed well on social media in the first day of the campaign, reaching 2.7 million views with its launch video. 

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