Council Staff On The Frontline In East Dunbartonshire Overwhelmingly Back Strike Action

GMB members involved in delivering frontline services in East Dunbartonshire have overwhelmingly backed strike action after Tory and Lib Dem councillors tried to force through ‘unacceptable cuts’ to overtime, redundancy pay, and annual leave.

The workers, who include home carers and staff in bin collection, voted by 97% on 75% turnout to fight back against the outrageous cuts to working standards. It is one of the biggest mandates for industrial action in Scottish local government history, on a turnout that trounced that the Tories’ draconian anti-trade union laws.

The Tory-Lib Dem coalition had been warned by GMB that workers would not stand for a further assault on their livelihoods. But instead of engaging with the union, the administration simply ignored them. These workers - already among some of the lowest paid - had simply had enough.

GMB Scotland Organiser Hazel Nolan said: “Our members are sick and tired trying to make ends meet while doing more for less and this latest instalment of austerity shame is the final straw.

The Tories and Lib Dems have rode roughshod over the recognised trade union bargaining forums and played gutter politics for the last six months to try and pick over one million pounds from the pockets of their employees.

I doubt any of them have a clue about what it’s like working on the bottom rungs of local government pay nor will they understand the importance of these terms and conditions to our members and their families.

And against the backdrop of a really unequal pay offer for Scottish local government workers this year, the message to this out of touch council could not be clearer: Enough is enough.

GMB will re-enter proper negotiations with the council if they recognise the vital contribution our members make to local services and step-back from this shameful cash grab on hard-pressed staff.”

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