Danielle Rowley slams Rust Belt ‘Brass Neck’ Tories

An attempt by the Conservative Party to woo young people with a new free-market ‘iniatative’ called ‘FREER’ has been slammed by Danielle Rowley, the MP for Midlothian.

FREER aims to attract young people, who they believe are overall socially and economically liberal, to the political right. Their website sets out their desire for a ‘sleeker state’, and the organisation is administratively supported by the hard-right libertarian think tank the Institute for Economic Affairs. It is supported in parliament by by sixteen conservative MPs, including many in former Labour ‘rust belt’ seats.

Responding to the latest right-wing graft, Danielle Rowley said:

"These MPs have brass necks trying to sell free market economics to the generation most blighted by the damage those unfettered markets have done.

"This is the first generation who will end up poorer than their parents. They will not get the job security enjoyed by baby boomers and indeed are more likely than any other to be trapped in the zero-hours gig economy or on a minimum wage which bears no relation to the real cost of living.

"They will not enjoy the comfort of home ownership and, in a further bitter irony, the money young people pay in inflated rents to private landlords is often subsidising the kind of retirement lifestyle they will never know.

"And all this from the party which actively campaigns against giving 16 and 17-year-olds the vote - because they know that young people will reject their false overtures when they are finally considered old enough to have an opinion.

"The Labour Party has, throughout its history, argued for policies which support working people from the cradle to the grave. We have always fought for the many and our manifesto at the last general election was incredibly attractive to young people across the UK which showed in the numbers who voted for our positive message."

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