Dear who? SNP send 'hundreds of thousands' of named letters to the wrong address

Labour's Neil Findlay has called on the SNP to apologise after their named election mailings were sent to people's homes with the wrong names.

Hundreds thousands of letters signed by Nicola Sturgeon were sent out to the wrong addresses in an embarassing election blunder for the Nats. 

SNP HQ, headed by Nicola Sturgeon's husband Peter Murrell, is said to investigating the mistake, according to The Sun, but social media posts from hundreds of confused Scots show the damage has already been done. 

One Twitter user posted: "The SNP sent me a letter today and addressed me as Dorothy, wtf... I'm a 6.2" hairy knuckled, foul mouthed auld grumpy wine stoned bastard, f***ing Dorothy indeed. 😠"

Neil Findlay MSP told The Red Robin: "This is an embarrassing blunder from the SNP.

"No wonder our public services are in such a mess when they can't even post a letter properly.

"This incident may have resulted in individuals' personal data being passed on to strangers.

"The SNP should apologise to all those affected by this blunder.”

It is unknown whether the SNP could have breached strict new data protection rules which could land them in hot water over blunder. 

An SNP spokesperson told The Sun: “A direct mail arrived with some electors today that was sent to households with the wrong addressee.

"A clerical error has been identified, and there is no ongoing issue with the integrity and security of data. We wish to apologise to the electors affected.”

Image: Scottish Government

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