Donald Trump rumoured to be planning a visit to Scotland

Rumours are circulating that Donald Trump’s official visit to the UK this summer may include a stopover in Scotland, the country of his mother’s birth, but this has been slammed by opponents including Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.

The trip to the UK, which has been downgraded from an official state visit after fears of protests, will take place on the 13th of July, and is liking to include the president speaking to parliament after the Lords voted to overrule speaker John Bercow.

Donald Trump claims to hold Scotland in a special regard, and once had a close working relationship with First Minister Alex Salmond describing the country as a "very special place" with "very special people".

Commenting on reports Donald Trump may travel to Scotland as part of his proposed UK visit, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard MSP said:

“There is a lot of anger at the prospect of Donald Trump coming to Scotland and a strong resolve to show that he is not welcome here”

“It is my view, and that of the Scottish Labour Party, that someone who holds such misogynist, racist and anti-trade union views, not to mention his dangerous approach to foreign policy, and someone who rejects the Paris Climate Change Agreement, should not be given the ‘red carpet’ treatment.”

“That is why Scottish Labour is helping to lead the Scotland United Against Trump campaign to ensure there is a mass protest if Trump does visit.”

"If Donald Trump does indeed travel to Scotland, the whole of civic Scotland is ready to tell him that he is not welcome here."

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