Donald Trump visit to Scotland will cost £5 million

The Interim Police Scotland Chief Constable Ian Livingstone has estimated that ‘at least 5000’ police officers will be needed if Donald Trump visits Scotland this Summer.

Speaking to the Scottish Police Authority, Livingstone said:

"We estimate at this time - and very much dependent on the specific nature of the potential visit - that we will have to utilise over 5,000 conventional officers, along with public order officers, specialised search and firearms resources."

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK this Summer has received widespread condemnation, with massive protests planned across the country. One group in London has raised enough money to float a Trump blimp over the House of Commons for his visit.

However, desperation on the part of the Conservative government for a trade deal with America post-Brexit has forced them to put public opinion to one side.

Responding to the news that a visit to Scotland would cost at least £5 million, Scottish Labour's Justice spokesperson Daniel Johnson MSP said:

“There is rightly a sense of outrage at the prospect of Donald Trump visiting Scotland, given his appalling views, obnoxious behaviour and offensive policies.

“While public safety is a top priority, it simply cannot be right that £5 million of taxpayers’ money is going to be spent policing an event no one wants and Scotland does not need.

“The Scottish and UK Governments should insist that the White House pays for any additional security that is required for Donald Trump's visit – or better yet just ask him to cancel the trip entirely.”

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