EIS delivers 25,000 signatures supporting their pay campaign

The Educational Institute of Scotland, the country’s largest teaching union, has just delivered mailbags of postcards from teachers demanding fair pay to Education minister John Swinney.

It’s part of the union’s Value Education, Value Teachers campaign, demanding at the very least a 10 per cent pay rise. Real terms pay for teachers in Scotland has fallen by 25 per cent in the last decade, even while pay for teachers has risen in most OECD countries. A 10 per cent pay rise doesn’t even make up for half of that, but so far the government is not budging.

The Scottish Government, who abandoned their education bill in a humiliating climbdown yesterday, will be looking for ways to improve their dismal education record. Cuts to pay and conditions have left a lot of teachers miserable, and most would no longer recommend the career. Swinney can do something about that, at the very least.

Commenting on the campaign, EIS President Alison Thornton said:

“We are delivering over 25,000 signatures to John Swinney today, clearly showing the strength of feeling on the need for a significant pay rise for Scotland’s teachers. This represents a very clear challenge to the Cabinet Secretary to demonstrate that he values education and values teachers by ensuring delivery of a fair pay settlement for all teachers this year.

“We are happy to hand over our postcards here today and these will provide Mr Swinney with plenty of reading material for the summer period. Whilst it is unfortunate that the Deputy First Minister was unable to accept the cards personally today, we will be taking him up on his offer to meet with us in the near future to discuss the pay campaign.

“The EIS remains committed to seeking a negotiated solution in order to remove any prospect of a formal dispute and would urge the Scottish Government and local authorities to return to the negotiating table with a substantially improved pay offer in the next round of talks.”

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