EIS opens ballot on teachers pay offer

The Scottish teachers union is calling on members to reject the offer, and send a message to the Scottish Government and COSLA on the issue of fair pay.
The ballot comes days after a massive demonstration of 30,000 teachers who marched through Glasgow at the weekend against the government's "derisory" pay offer of 3 percent for most teachers. 
EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said: "The opening of our ballot today gives teachers another opportunity to make their voices heard, and to send the Scottish Government and COSLA away to think again on teacher pay.”
Mr Flanagan continued, “The EIS is clear that the current offer from the Scottish Government and COSLA is not good enough, as it fails to address adequately the 24% real terms cut of the past decade; is divisive in nature; and will do little to attract the new teachers that Scotland desperately needs, or to retain the experienced teachers who offer so much to Scottish education. Our members turned out in record numbers on Saturday, and we are confident that they will also turn out in huge numbers in this ballot. An overwhelming vote to reject the current divisive offer should bring the Scottish Government and COSLA back to the negotiating table– or else they risk forcing Scotland’s teachers into a campaign of industrial action.”
 Scottish Labour’s education spokesperson, Iain Gray added: "Scotland's teachers have endured a 20 per cent real terms pay cut over the last decade under the SNP and it is clear they won't accept another raw deal from the government."
"Saturday's huge march and rally showed what the country's teachers think of the current pay offer."
"Scottish Labour has listened to Scotland's teachers throughout this process and we will continue to stand up for them inside and outside Holyrood to ensure they get a fair deal."
"It's time for John Swinney to follow suit and listen to our hardworking teachers.”
The ballot opens this morning and will run for three weeks. 

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