Nominations to Scottish Labour's ruling body begin

The race for the constituency representatives to Labour's Scottish Executive Committee is underway, with the Scottish Campaign for Socialism hoping to sweep the membership section with pro-Leonard and Corbyn candidates.

Scottish CLPs have until the 21st of December to nominate candidates, with CfS running the following candidates:

Glasgow/Central Scotland - Angela Feeney and Stephen Low

West of Scotland/Mid Scotland and Fife - Cara Hilton and Liam Thomson

NE Scotland/Highlands and Islands - Lina Nass and Marion Sporing

Lothians/South of Scotland - Ann Henderson and Mike Cowley

After a series of rule-changes at the 2016 and 2017 Labour Conferences, the Scottish Executive Committee oversees the selection process for candidates, as well as disciplinary measures, while the newly reconstituted Scottish Policy Forum oversees policy direction in devolved matters.

In addition, rule changes at Scottish Labour Students now mean that it's representative to the SEC will now be elected at it's annual conference, which could further tip the Committee in a more leftward direction.

A Labour source told The Red Robin: "It's key that we continue the good work that's been done in recent years to rebuild the party in Scotland. If members want to secure Richard's radical policy platform, having the SEC firmly behind the leadership is vital going forward."

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