Emily Thornberry launches legal action after former MP claims she said constituents were “stupid’

The shadow foreign secretary and rumoured leadership candidate Emily Thornberry has launched legal action against former MP Caroline Flint, accusing her of "making up shit” about her.

Flint said Thornberry had allegedly told another MP that she was glad her constituents were ‘not as stupid as yours’. 

Thornberry has said the accusation was a total and utter lie, and asked Flint to withdraw the claim - which she refused to do.

Speaking to a camera crew outside her home on Monday morning, Emily Thornberry said she had contacted Flint, who lost her Don Valley seat in the election.

“I've contacted [Flint] and I've said to her ‘please withdraw’, I'll give you until the end of the day and she hasn't. So I've had to go to solicitors.

"People can slag me off, as long as it's true, I can take it on the chin, but they can't make up shit about me - and if they do, I have to take it to the courts.

“I have better things to think about than people going on television and making up shit.”

"I have no idea what's in her head.”


image: Rwendland



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