Exclusive: Calls for Kate Hoey to be suspended from PLP if she hands control of Brexit over to next Tory PM

A local party activist at Kate Hoey's CLP has said Jeremy Corbyn should remove the whip from the hard-Brexit supporting MP if she votes against Labour today.

A cross-party amendment seeking to give MPs control of the Commons on June 25 will be voted on today, and if passed would give MPs the opportunity to prevent Theresa May's successor from forcing through No Deal by closing down parliament. 

Hoey has courted controversy after repeatedly appearing to endorse figures like Nigel Farage and working closely with the DUP and hard-right Tory faction led by Jacob Rees-Mogg to force through a No Deal Brexit.

Speaking the Red Robin, a local party activist in Vauxhall, which Hoey represents, has said if the MP defies the Labour whip on this issue then Corbyn should remove her from the parliamentary Labour party.

Labour activist Jamie Green said: "Any Labour MP who wants to let a Tory PM shut the doors of parliament to force a hard Brexit should be considering their position anyway. But with Kate’s record of propping up the Conservatives during the Brexit process, sharing platforms with Nigel Farage and posting dog whistle tweets towards both the Muslim and Transgender communities, she should definitely lose the whip.

"The vast majority of voters in Vauxhall not only oppose no-deal, but oppose Brexit altogether. Kate continues to vote against the wishes of her constituents and in a way that will impact jobs and living standards. A vote against Labour’s motion should surely be the final straw."

A Labour source in Westminster said it would be" intolerable" for Hoey to vote against Labour as she could effectively hand a black cheque to an unelected rightwing Tory prime minister such as the current favourite, Boris Johnson.

Parliamentary arithmetic means the vote on Labours business motion may come down to two or three votes, placing extra weight on Hoey's vote.

Neither Kate Hoey or her office responded to requests for comment. 

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