Exclusive: Keir Starmer sets out plan to abolish House of Lords

Labour leadership front runner Keir Starmer has said he would require any new Labour appointees to the House of Lords to sign a commitment to vote for its abolition.

Starmer said abolition of the Lord and its replacement with a second chamber which has a “democratic mandate” would be enshrined in party policy.


Speaking to The Red Robin about his vision, Starmer said: “The case for a new settlement also means the abolition of the House of Lords and its replacement with a revising chamber that has a clear democratic mandate. 


“Labour’s preferred option, which we set out in our manifesto, is an elected Senate of the Nations and Regions. 


“We will agree in opposition the exact composition of this, in consultation across the nations and regions of the UK, with a clear manifesto commitment. 


“All new Labour appointees to the Lords in the interim will sign a declaration committing themselves to vote for the abolition of the Lords and we will enshrine this in party policy.”


The current shadow Brexit secretary has secured the majority of endorsements from CLPs which have nominated so far.


He has also secured significant trade union support from Unison and Usdaw.



Image: Keir Starmer

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