Exclusive: Matt Kerr first to secure support for Scot Lab deputy ballot

Left-winger Matt Kerr has become the first candidate to secure the required support to make the ballot for the Scottish Labour deputy leader race  

Kerr has received endorsement from both the CWU and Unite, as well as the socialist health association.

The CWU said it was proud to nominate Kerr, a postal worker.

“As a postal worker, councillor, and parliamentary candidate, Matt Kerr has spent his life talking with people and fighting their corner.

Scottish Labour needs a grassroots candidate rooted in the community and the workplace and who is able to reach out to those people Labour needs to win back.

With Matt as Deputy Leader Scottish labour will have someone that we know will help reconnect the Scottish labour Party into the communities we seek to represent.

There is no doubt that Matt embodies the Fresh Future and the new generation that Scottish Labour needs to step forward to help persuade people to once again vote Labour”,the CWU said.

Welcoming their support, a spokesperson for Matt Kerr said:

‘It’s great that we now have a grassroots candidate on the ballot paper. Matt represents the next generation of Scottish Labour and is just the type of fresh face that can and will reach out to those voters we have lost over the past 20 years.

“He also understands that to have a fresh future as a Party we need new answers and these answers are not to be found in the past. Matt has the momentum, he is getting growing support acrosss the whole party and is seen as just the type of unifying figure Scottish Labour needs as Deputy Leader to support Richard Leonard and get us ready for the 2021 Scottish elections”

Dave Ward, General Secretary of the CWU said: “I’ve known Matt over many years and I have always been impressed by his understanding of the issues and the solutions that he has proposed to tackle the problems that working people face in society.

”Matt knows that Labour has to reconnect in Scotland if we are to have any chance of transforming the UK. I have full confidence in his ability to do this and I am proud that our union has nominated Matt. We are 100% behind his campaign.”


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