Exclusive Poll: Scots Overwhelmingly Support Richard Leonard's Policy Agenda

Exclusive polling conducted on behalf of the Red Robin and Unite the Union by Survation has shown that Scots overwhelmingly support Richard Leonard's policy agenda, including rent controls, public ownership, and a wealth tax to end austerity. 

Polling, conducted by Survation from the 20th-22nd of April found that the Mary Barbour Law, a proposal to introduce a points-based system of rent controls, is backed by 67% of all Scots, and by 80% of all those expressing an opinion. Polling on the specific proposals in the bill proved to be even more popular. For instance, 81% of people in Scotland back rent discounts for tenants whose landlords fail to provide upkeep to properties - with only 3% opposed.

Some have proposed that the Scottish Government should introduce a “Mary Barbour Law”, which would introduce controlling rent prices. Which of the following is closest to your view?

Support - 66.7%

Oppose - 16.1%

Don't Know - 17.2%

To what extent would you support or oppose a legal provision that enables tenants to get a discount on their rent if their landlord fails to carry out their duties?

Strongly support - 48.9%
Somewhat support - 32.9%
Neither support nor oppose - 12.5%
Somewhat oppose - 1.7%
Strongly oppose -  1.0%
Don't know - 3.1%

Public ownership of the buses, a policy Scottish Labour is keen to see implemented in the upcoming transport bill, has also received a thumbs up from the public, with 60% in favour and just 12% opposed. 

Currently, buses in Scotland are under private ownership, and local authorities are not able to regulate them. Some political parties in Scotland have called for Scotland’s buses to be under public ownership. To what extent would you support or oppose Scottish buses being publicly owned?

Strongly support - 28.2%
Somewhat support - 29.4%
Neither support nor oppose - 24.9%
Somewhat oppose - 7.1%
Strongly oppose - 4.6%
Don't know - 5.9%

Last but not least, the proposed wealth tax also has a clear plurality of support. 45% of voters back such a move, while 30% are opposed. Taxation, always one of the most contentious policy areas on which to win people over, still sees widespread support for radical reform. 

Some have suggested that the Scottish Government should introduce a wealth tax, which would be imposed
based on the wealth possessed by individuals (such as bank deposits, real estate, personal trusts or assets in
insurance and pension plans). To what extent would you support or oppose the Scottish Government introducing
a wealth tax?

Strongly support - 23.1%
Somewhat support - 22.5%
Neither support nor oppose - 19.5%
Somewhat oppose - 14.7% 
Strongly oppose - 15.1%
Don't know - 5.0%

You can read the full tables here

Responding to the results, Richard Leonard said:

“It is clear that the people of Scotland are crying out for real and radical change. After years of Tory austerity and SNP mediocrity the time has come for radical Labour governments at Holyrood and Westminster to fundamentally rebalance our economy away from vested interests and the rich few, and into the hands of the many."

“Labour in the coming months will consult on a Mary Barbour Law to limit private rent with a link to wages and ensure they are affordable."

"We’ll push for the Transport Bill to deliver more community control of bus services and in advance of the next Holyrood election we will outline a plan on tax and investment which considers wealth as well as income to fund the public services we all rely on.”

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