Tories rocked in fresh unpaid internship scandal

Conservative party headquarters look to hire a swathe of "Voter Communications Volunteers", but they will receive no payment or expenses for their work.


Despite the role requesting that applicants provide administrative support and canvass voters, the Tories seem to be expecting their employees to work for free.

Instead of a wage, the advertisement proclaims that applicants will get "a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to gain experience at a political campaign headquarters."

The Conservatives have previously argued that “An employer cannot avoid paying someone the minimum wage simply by calling them an ‘intern’ or saying that they are doing an internship.” in response to the Taylor report into unfair working practices.

Despite this, when proposals to ban unpaid internships came before the House of Commons in 2016 the government blocked the measure.

We contacted the Conservative Party's Central Headquarters for a comment, but have not received a response.

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