FMQs: 'Comrade Carlaw' backs indy agenda as Leonard opts for climate emergency

Nicola Sturgeon returned to Holyrood after rallying her party faithful. 

Jackson Carlaw kicked off FMQs with independence, specifically the SNP’s plan to ditch the pound. After the predictable back and forth, Jackson Carlaw noted that the SNP’s plan had no trade union backing. Perhaps the first time any Conservative has shown concern at a policy lacking support from the unions.

Comrades can surely expect to see Jackson Carlaw at May Day marches this weekend with such a conversion. 

As the temporary Tory leader at Holyrood tried to use the labour movement for his own constitutional aims, Nicola Sturgeon came out to bat for big business, saying they would prefer her independence plan than to exiting the European Union. 

This is not normal. 

Sturgeon went on to attack Carlaw about the polls which shown the Tories likely to slip into third place in the Euro elections. Surprising, given that polls have also consistently showed no change in support for independence.

Sturgeon and Carlaw’s exchanges make clear what we can expect from the two parties - endless repeats of their back catalogue as they try to play to a loyal but thining support. 

Avoiding the First Minister’s independence agenda, Richard Leonard tackled the government  on Climate Change and her predecessor’s promise of 130,000 green jobs in Scotland by 2020. 

Climate campaigners would be pleased to see broad agreement on the scale of change needed to tackle the “climate emergency”, and Richard Leonard seems ready to support the government whilst making sure they don’t just tinker around the edges. 

Perhaps a less exciting politics, but one surely to be welcomed after the spectacle of 2019 has left many openly wondering why politicians have even bothered turning up to work. 

Ruth Davidson makes her return to FMQs next week. 

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