FMQs: Inspired by Scotland's football team, Harvie throws away a priceless opportunity

Patrick Harvie misses an open goal as he predictably returns to independence.

Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh kicked off FMQs this week by introducing Talat Xhaferi MP, President of the assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, a country which only took its new name a few weeks ago. One only wonders how long before, like many other former Soviet and Yugoslav republics, Alex McLeish takes his Scotland football team there for a disappointing defeat.

Richard Leonard led this week on NHS Scotland’s staffing crisis, to which Nicola Sturgeon said she couldn’t see a staffing crisis in Scotland.

The First Ministers defence was well practiced: “Aye there’s some problems, but there is a higher rate of staff per head in our NHS than England’s”, surely a weight off the shoulders for anyone waiting on treatment because they can’t get the staff.

Leonard then pushed the First Minister on the ongoing Queen Elizabeth University Hospital crisis, and much like with Police Scotland’s investigation into football policing, it seems the government has investigated itself, and absolved itself of any wrong doing. Funny that.

It was then the turn of Patrick Harvie, who must have been chomping at the bit after the past week, young people in their thousands taking to the streets to campaign for action on climate change.

What does the political leader of Scotland’s green movement lead on in Parliament? You guessed it! Independence.

Much like Scotland’s 3-0 reverse in Kazakhstan, you can’t help but feel like Harvie threw away a priceless opportunity.


Image: Mary/Angus Hogg

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