Foreign Office becoming ‘Ministry of Offence’ under Boris Johnson

The Foreign Office has climbed to the top of the Whitehall charts for bullying and discrimination since Boris became Foreign Secretary, a Civil Service Report has revealed.

The annual Civil Service People Survey found that despite 43 per cent of victims reporting the incidents, only one in five felt that the issue had been resolved. Under Boris, bullying and discrimination in the Foreign Office are 25 per cent higher than the average  - a 6 per cent rise in one year.

Johnson himself has a sordid past when it comes to bullying and discrimination. After Boris was caught handing out the address of a journalist so he could be beaten up, Eddie Mair labelled him “a nasty piece of work”, and even Tory donors have accused him of being a bully.

His record is no better when it comes to discrimination: he called Obama “part Kenyan”, accusing the President of an “ancestral dislike” of the UK. In a 2002 Sun Column, he even suggested that Africa should be recolonised, calling Africans “flag-waving piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”. His record on women is equally shameful, and he once informed the Malaysian PM that women in the UK only attended University so they could “find men to marry.”

The rise in discrimination and bullying in the Foreign Office under Johnson isn’t a surprise - what’s surprising is that the PM would put a man like this in a position with this much authority.

Commenting on the results, Stephanie Peacock MP said:

“With Britain facing foreign policy crises on a global scale, we need a Foreign Secretary who is as serious as the task they face. Unfortunately, Theresa May has given us Boris instead - a politician who has gone from a national joke to an international joke.

“Strong leadership is needed to achieve real culture change but Boris is the last person who could lead by example when it comes to acceptable behaviour in the workplace. He would rather run the Ministry of Offence than behave like Britain’s top diplomat.

“He may like to dish out insults but there is nothing useful about this idiot.”

UPDATE: The Foreign Office responded to our request to comment after publication, stating:

“The FCO has zero tolerance towards bullying, harassment and discrimination. We have robust policies and procedures in place and work hard to ensure that all staff can raise issues around bullying, harassment and discrimination with the confidence that they will be taken extremely seriously and acted upon.”

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