Former Labour PPC dubbed 'Calamity Kenny' suspended from Twitter

Right-winger Kenny Young, who caused upset when he said "thank goodness" Labour did not win under Corbyn in 2017, has been suspended from Twitter.

Scottish Labour's Midlothian PPC in 2015, and formerly a press adviser to Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, Kenny Young has been a strong critic of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters online although it is unknown why his account appears to have been suspended by the social media platform.

Twitter told The Red Robin that it does not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.

Although often due to a breach of Twitter rules on abusive behaviour, an account can also be suspended due to a possible security breach.

Dubbed "Calamity Kenny" by the right-wing blog Guido Fawkes, the former spinner was involved in a number of high profile gaffes throughout his political career before confirming he would not seek re-election as a councillor in 2016.

Young inadvertently became the star of a Tory election poster when he was snapped on his hands and knees holding open a door for Gordon Brown.

Despite failing to win his own seat in 2015, Young tweeted in 2018 praising the fact Labour lost the snap election in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn, attracting strong criticism from Labour supporters online.

Young later left the Labour party under Corbyn.


The Red Robin has been unable to access a cached version of Young's account or make contact with him to explain the suspension.


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