Former Leonard & Sarwar campaign chiefs back Lesley Laird for Deputy

By Danielle Rowley MP and Martin Whitfield MP

Our colleague Lesley Laird is standing to be Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour, and we fully support her in this.

Since being elected in June 2017, Lesley has carried out her role as MP, as well as Shadow Scottish Secretary very effectively, leading the Scottish Labour group in Westminster.

Lesley’s ferocious dedication to making sure Scottish Labour’s voice is heard in Westminster through standing up to both the SNP and the Tories has been unquestionable from the off.

Lesley currently sits in both the UK & Scottish Shadow Cabinets and this makes her the perfect candidate to unite the party behind the agenda set out by the Richard Leonard at Holyrood and Jeremy Corbyn at Westminster.

Lesley is loyal, committed and supportive of both leaderships at Holyrood and Westminster, and has been a valued and effective member of both Shadow Cabinet's and the Scottish Executive Committee.

Scottish Labour is on its way back. It is vital that we spend our time focusing all of our energy on building on the success of the past year. That means taking the fight to theSNP at Holyrood and the Tories at Westminster while promoting our positive message.

The Scottish Labour Party has doubled our support in the past year and the 2017 election saw us, along with our five Scottish Labour colleagues elected to Westminster.  We must build on that support by campaigning, taking our positive agenda to the public, and holding the SNP and Tories to account.

Just last year, we were both on opposite sides of the fence during the Scottish Labour leadership election. Each of us chaired Richard and Anas’ campaigns and we are unequiocal that the Labour Party is at its best when we are united and we believe that Lesley is best placed to help create the unity that we need to help us win.

We must be outward looking and we must be united behind the Party’s Leaders. We must be ready to fight and to win the next General Election so that we can implement our policies that will transform the lives of people who need it most. 

The Labour Party has a vision of a society that works at all times for the many and not just the few. It is time to realise that vision.


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