Former May Advisor in Hot Water as Windrush Fallout Continues

Nick Timothy, the former adviser to Theresa May during her time at the Home Office and Number 10 has deleted his twitter account, after claiming that Theresa May was opposed to the vans with billboards that urged migrants who had overstayed their visas to “go home or face arrest”.

In a column for the Daily Telegraph, Mr. Timothy had argued that the decision to ok the vans was made whilst the then Home Secretary was on holiday.

However it has now emerged that not only was Mrs. May aware of the vans policy, she asked for the language on the vans to be “toughened up”.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commented that “The revelation Theresa May wanted to ‘toughen’ the message on those hateful Go Home vans points to a nastiness at the heart of the Government.

“This is not what our country is about. The Prime Minister should apologise for authorising this ugly campaign.”

The vans were part of the Home Office’s “hostile environment” policy, aimed at making life more difficult for people in Britain without documentation proving that they have the right to stay in the country.

However, due to the lack of documentation that many members of the Windrush generation have, it appears that many people who were in the country legally had been targeted under the policy.

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