Gap between Scotland’s richest and poorest climbs to £700 a week

New analysis by Scottish Labour has revealed that the income gap between the richest and poorest households has climbed to almost £700 a week.

Scottish government figures show that those in the bottom decile - the poorest households - have seen their incomes fall by 4 per cent since 2011, while the top decile have reaped increase of over twice that, at nearly 9 per cent over the same period.

Sadly, it’s not just incomes where inequality has grown. Research by the Resolution Foundation has found that wealth inequality in Scotland is severe and growing. A quarter of the Scottish Population has less than £500 in their bank account - more than the UK average.

Labour Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance James Kelly MSP said:

"Under the Tories and the SNP income inequality has widened, with a near £700 gap per week in income between the poorest and richest households.

“This gap has been caused by soaring incomes for the richest alongside plunging incomes for the poorest.

“We need to rebalance our economy and redistribute wealth to make it work for working class people.

“Labour would make the richest pay their fair share and introduced an industrial strategy to deliver high skill, high paid jobs for more workers in Scotland.”

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