General Election: Scottish Labour confident in Glasgow, ‘every seat in play’

Scottish Labour are said to be "confident" about their chances in Glasgow, with insiders indicating they could pick up extra seat in addition to Glasgow North East.

Campaigns have been boosted by younger activists joining them, including many who voted Yes in 2014 and have opted to back Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.

The SNP are said to be refocusing resources in the city due to a feeling that Scottish Labour is closing the gap.

Speaking about their hopes in Glasgow, a senior Scottish Labour source told the Red Robin: “Every seat in Glasgow is in play. It’s now a case who of can turnout their supporters on the day. The mainstream media have completely missed what’s going on on the doorsteps across Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire.”

As the campaign enters its final days Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is touring key seats including in Scotland, and has often been met by hundreds of activists campaigning for the party whilst Tory visits have been overshadowed by protests. 

Image: Sophie Brown 

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