Glasgow City leader attacked for 'patronising' striking workers

In an open letter to Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, Labour's candidate for Glasgow North, Pam Duncan-Glancey, said that Aiken should not hide behind "disingenuous" concerns for disabled people in order to criticise striking Glasgow city council workers.

"Your comment in the Evening Times this week that you were ‘not entirely sure the women know the basis on which they are striking’ was patronising and offensive to the many women who are doing a huge service to our city. These are women who have been let down and short changed. They know exactly why they’re striking – to get the justice they deserve." she said, adding: "to use your ‘concern’ for people who rely on care as a way to persuade people not to strike added insult to injury. When you consider the gross underfunding of social care that your council is responsible for, I’m afraid your concern just came across as disingenuous."

The comments come on the back of criticisms by leading Trade Unionists in the city over Aiken's statements to the Evening Times, in which Aiken warned that workers had been 'misled' by their unions over the state of negotiations between the council and unions over the issue of equal pay.

Hazel Nolan, GMB Scotland Organiser, also warned that the council leader was “'making the same mistakes as her predecessors."

“Susan Aitken is deeply misled if she believes that this strike is not driven by union members unhappy with the Council’s negotiating process, and we invite her to meet with our members to have them tell her as much face-to-face." continued Nolan.

“Any suggestion that strike action is being motivated by anything other than a desire to achieve a fair settlement for working women isn’t credible given the fact that both Unison & GMB are involved in the dispute and the strength of the mandates both unions received for action.”

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