Glasgow Life Workers Take Industrial Action

Unite members working at Emirates Arena have braved the weather to hit the picket line today, in the start of a four day strike.


Credit Helen McFarlane

Workers there have taken industrial action against their employer Glasgow Life (one of Glasgow City Council’s ‘arms length companies’) following management's refusal to provide additional payments for extra manual work, including setting up and de-rigging equipment. The union members did not respond half-heartedly, and returned a 100% vote in favour of strike action last month, on an 85% turnout.

This overwhelming result is a testament to union organisation in the face of the draconian restrictions of the Tory Trade Union Bill, which set turnout threshold requirements for industrial action.

Unite has also accused Glasgow Life of scabbing by hiring contract workers to carry out overtime work, following the imposition of an overtime ban last November. This, Unite believes, is an attempt to undermine industrial action. Clearly it has failed.

The Robin View:

Good luck to the workers at Glasgow Life. It is high time all arms length companies were brought back in house, so that councils cannot wash their hands of industrial disputes. Public ownership should mean public control - and that includes the workers most of all.

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